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To be a part of our team we do have the following expectations of you:

- Represent Disc Golf America in a positive light at all times. You are a face of our brand wherever you are in the disc golf community. You should always positively reflect on Disc Golf America.

- Be active in your local disc golf scene and tournaments. We understand you have a life. We do expect you to be as involved as you can be in leagues, local events, and tournaments, but your faith, family, and career should be prioritized above our sponsorship.

- Wear and use supplied Disc Golf America shirts and hand drying sacks anytime playing with others. 

- Be active on social media. Take pictures and video (tasteful ones) and post on your social media channels tagging Disc Golf America. You are a brand ambassador and one of the best ways to grow our reach is through the efforts of our sponsored players.

As a sponsored player you will receive the following benefits:

- A Disc Golf America shirt (sizes to be collected once team in finalized and ordered at once, anticipated delivery of January 2021).

- A Disc Golf America hand drying sack (carabiner clip filled with moisture absorbing beads and hardened clay).

- A unique 10% coupon code for the website to use and share with others. You will receive 5% credit of all sales (after discount and prior to shipping or tax) where your discount code is used. The credit can be used for anything on the website. The best way to utilize your code is to place something in players packs for tournaments and posting on social media.

- Support from Disc Golf America to help you achieve your goals as a player/brand in the disc golf space. We want this to be a mutually beneficial partnership.


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